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batavia_beverages_sep_smLocated in a quiet and historic town of Batavia, NY, Batavia Beverage Corporation was a small beverage company that specialized in domestic beers; sodas and a vast variety of collectables for the beer can enthusiast.  In 1982 the corporation was sold to Tony Angotti and Angotti Beverage Corporation took shape.  He had a vision of making a retail and wholesale empire that would specialize in introducing beer drinkers to imported and domestic beverages.  His hope was to expand the palates of patrons and introduce different brew styles that span the globe.  Even though the building originally stood as a bus maintenance garage, to Tony it was a diamond in the angotti_beverage_1_smrough.  He saw potential, in what others would have seen as just a lump of coal.  Angotti Beverage Corporation was known to the Batavia community as a cornerstone to this historic town.  He was known to the beer advocate as, “The Beer God”.  He traveled 70 miles daily from Henrietta to make his vision a success. And it was.  Due to a growing number of followers and beer enthusiasts, Tony decided that an additional location was needed, and maybe this time, closer to home.  Located in the Todd Mart Plaza, a beverage establishment stood, named Beer World.  This location was ideal and his hope was not to have to travel so many miles away from home daily.  In 1987, Beers of the World, a DBA of Angotti Beverage Coportion, was introduced to the Rochester area and its surrounding communities.  Even though the plaza has changed names to what is now known as Winton Place and the company introduced the DBA, Tony’s visionary hopes were growing stronger and recognition was increasing.  Then in 2000, Tony was informed that the building he was leasing, where his original dream was born, had been sold to a developer and slated to be demolished to build a pharmacy chain.  In the midst of this news, Tony took this as an opportunity to expand his business.  The City of Batavia wished not want to Angotti Beverage - Batavia, NYsee a successful establishment leave their community.  They spearheaded the search to find a location that would be best suited for the company’s needs, in hopes that Angotti Beverage would stay in the area.  In 2001 construction began to have a new building erected and relocate the store to where it resides today, at the corner of Jackson Street and Ellicott Street.  Through many years of hard work and a simple labor of love, his visionary dream for expansion of his business to an empire where the name, Angotti Beverage Beers of the World would be world renowned.  Over the last three years, a continued expansion of his empire has been in the planning stages.  Sincebotw_roc_1_sm being a resident of Henrietta for 49 years, he chose to give back to the community in which he has lived and recently purchased the Wegman’s Plaza at the corner of East Henrietta Road and Calkins Road. Remodeling is underway in hopes to open this location in the summer 2010.  As of today, Angotti Beverage Corporation Beers of the World is widely known and committed to create a better appreciation of beer styles from all over the world and a beer connoisseur in all of us.


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